“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

– Jim Ryun


 "Last year during the high school cross country season, my 15-year-old sophomore daughter developed significant knee problems in the middle of the season. It was so sad to see this promising athlete suffer from a chronic injury when she had been training hard and had been injury-free for the previous four months. We didn’t want her to miss the opportunity to prove herself on the varsity team, so we took her to anyone we thought could help: an orthopedist, a physical therapist, even an acupuncturist, who worked on her daily. We spent a lot of time and money on all these doctors and therapists, and although it helped a little, she was still in a lot of pain when it came time to run in the Trinity League Final. She insisted on participating, and she ran the entire race in tears because she was in so much pain.

After the race, her coach suggested she train with Terry Sedgewick for a few months to see if he could help her with her knee pain, before starting her training for track season. She had tried everything else, so it was worth a try. She went to Terry twice a week until track started, and he completely transformed her body by giving her specific training for her core muscle groups. Apparently, knee and hip pain is common in teenage girl athletes when they are working out and growing at the same time. The muscles are stretching and developing at different rates as the teen is growing. Once her core strength was developed, these muscles would do what they were supposed to do, and her knees would not be forced to compensate for weak muscles, thereby taking pressure off her knees. Her knee pain went away, and she was able to participate 100% in the track season, making it all the way to CIF (state) with her team. As a parent, you never want your child to risk permanent injury for a sports team, so injury prevention has to be the number one goal.

Terry Sedgewick has a terrific way of understanding where the weaknesses are in the athlete’s physique. He knows how to develop and strengthen weak muscle groups to ensure that the athlete stays balanced and injury free, not only during the sports season but all the time. He teaches the athletes balance - balance in conditioning, strengthening, and nutrition - and how to apply that balance in everyday life."

Charlene Davis
Parent of Junipero Serra High School Student


I have been working out with Terry Sedgewick for the last two years, and it has made a very positive contribution to my health. The training is a mix of overall conditioning and strength training. The variety of exercises that Terry has developed to focus on different muscle groups is amazing - every workout is different, and there is no 'routine.' Terry and his staff are very knowledgeable in all aspects of fitness including nutrition, physical therapy, strength training, and sport-specific conditioning.

I have osteoarthritis in my left knee and have had multiple surgeries. Terry has developed a specific and custom exercise program to strengthen the muscle groups that support the knee. His experience with physical therapy and sport-specific conditioning has helped tremendously. My knee has never felt better.

I would recommend Terry and his staff to anyone, no matter what your fitness goals may be. Their program can be used as your primary workout and focus, or as a supplement to an overall fitness program.

Mark Schroeder
Ficcadenti & Waggoner, Inc.


I never thought in a million years I would need a personal trainer, nor did I ever think I’d become friends with one. But I did. After 3 months, I lost 15 pounds and 3 inches without going on a diet, my chronic stomach problems have disappeared, my mental clarity has improved and most critically, it’s still fun. I’ve referred several friends to Train-X and they love it too. Terry is great and to say he has helped transform my existence is an understatement. Thanks my friend, you’re a Godsend.

Dean Del Sesto
CEO, Strata-Media Marketing


I started training with Terry as a 16-year-old, 150-lb high school baseball player. I am now 6'5" and weigh 200 lbs, and I have a lot to thank Terry for. His knowledge of muscle development, applied at his expert training facility, has really raised my game. He tailored a workout routine specifically for my body type and sport and helped me develop the core muscle strength needed for the next level. He not only taught me the correct way to work out, but also has instilled in me a desire to be the best. I would highly recommend any athlete serious about their sport to consult with Terry for a personalized workout routine.

Tanner Scheppers
High School Athlete