“Do today what others won’t so tomorrow you can do what others can’t.”

– Jerry Rice


Since 1995, Train-X offers sport-specific elite training. Our staff utilizes the latest trends and techniques offering the most comprehensive training available. Owner Terry Sedgewick is a training expert, developing athletes from adolescence to adulthood. For those who desire dynamic fitness training, Train-X is the place for you.

Understanding that all people, even professionals, need to develop. Train-X offers a progressive training facility designed to advance and challenge individuals daily. We see the individual and their personal needs as the primary focus.

Quality of training is paramount, addressing personal needs and building upon those is our focus.



of Services

  • Personalized Fitness and Health Training

  • Sport Specific Training (Personal or Group)

  • Athletic Training (Improve or Go Pro)

  • Diet and Lifestyle Consulting

  • School Combines

  • Be Your Best Women’s Health & Lifestyle




For athletic performance development to be successful, sport-specific training is a must. The range of motion and key muscle factors are critical to each specific sport. We train eye, mind, body, speed and control integration to maximize effectiveness in your sport. Our style of training is unorthodox, garnered from many international disciplines to create the best athletes.

While other training facilities build muscle, we build champions. We have weights, yes, but you’ll find rubber bands, elastic cords, plastic balls, acrylic sheets, rope, chain, flexible plastic and more at Train-X. Because that explosive power, blinding speed, and flexible agility can’t be gained from weights alone. Our unique training, combined with sport-specific knowledge means you’ll reach your goals faster and with more efficiency.




When they say, “Age is a state of mind,” what they mean to say is “Age is a state of body.” How you feel dictates not how well you live life, but how fulfilled you are day-to-day and even how you think. Do you have the energy for activities, family, a social life, travel and more? Or is it a life of limited performance and a limiting existence becoming more common as time passes?

At Train-X, we help clients live better, longer, and easier. Offering designed training programs that create “usable strength” needed to go through life.

Your Train-X trainer will design a health and fitness program for your schedule, and physical thresholds. We will stop at nothing to help you achieve that goal. It’s more than a commitment...it’s who we are.




  • 40 Days to a New Body

  • 90 Days to a New Life




At Train-X, you will be working with proven athletes who stay current on all aspects of health, wellness and athletic performance.